• The UNB Card Office does not authorize refunds on deposits made to a UCard account from UCard Online or the UNB Card Office.
    If gifted funds have been deposited to the wrong account, please contact the UNB Card Office.
  • First, make sure you deactiavte your UCard, then get a replacement card at one of the following locations:
  • Fredericton: Visit the UNB Card Office located in the Student Union Building, room #106.
  • Saint John: Visit the Security & Traffic Office located in room #119 in the Athletics Centre.
  • Yes, anyone, including parents, friends, or relatives, can make a gift deposit to a UCard account.

    To make a gift deposit, go to the UNB Card Office website, click "Deposit Money", then click "Make a Gift Deposit". You will need three pieces of information to make this deposit:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student/Employee ID Number
  • No. The funds you deposit are only accessible on the ID card of your primary affiliation. If you are not sure which card that is you can try both at the cash or contact the UNB Card Office.
  • No, but you have two ways to Make a Gift Deposit:

    Sign Out of your UCard Online Account and click the link to return to the Login page or visit the UNB Card Office website and click “Make a Gift Deposit.”